Nique Love Rhodes is a hip-hop artist/performer, record producer, social entrepreneur, and community advocate from Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 14, with an early strong sense of self, Nique began to perform publicly at various open mics and showcases with a clear understanding and vision of being an alternative voice as she navigated a culture that traditionally pushed violence, drugs, misogyny, and braggadocio to the forefront. Early in her career, Nique would often have to prove herself as a rapper as many expected her to be an R&B singer or the typical female emcee rapping about the standard go-to topic - being “the baddest bitch.” Nique would always get a thrill shocking people when she rocked the crowd with her commanding, in-the-pocket flow while addressing socially relevant and positive themes. It is this grit and independent spirit that has shaped Nique Love Rhodes into the dynamic artist and performer that she is today. 

Adopting the musical philosophies of artists such as Bob Marley and U2, Nique Love Rhodes believes that music serves a purpose beyond the artist, and is meant to bring inspiration and good vibes, as well as provoke critical thought to all who listen to it.  With her self-released debut album, Against All Odds, Nique infuses her songs with messages of hope, unity, spirituality, and calls to action for social change as seen in songs such as “Love Heals All” and “Rise Up,” which was licensed for use by the NFL Network and the Detroit Lions. In 2013, Nique was nominated for two Detroit Music Awards. Since this time, she has performed at many major festivals and headlined venues including the North by Northeast Music Festival (Toronto), African World Fest (Detroit), the Nuyorican Poets Café (New York City), and the South by Southwest Music Festival (Texas).  Her music is galvanized by her her bold, energetic, and empowering live show. Backed by her band The NLR Experience, her interactive shows fuse hip-hop music with soul, rock, and jazz to provide social commentary, spread Detroit love to all, and stir up the revolutionary within the soul of everyone who hears her music. This is sonically captured in the band’s most recent project, a live album titled “The NLR Experience.”




While music with a positive message has been at the forefront Nique’s brand, she extends her passion to projects that foster opportunity and advocacy to youth and Detroit neighborhoods.  She recently launched her nonprofit, Rise Up Higher, which uses hip-hop and music as a platform to empower and teach life skills to inner city youth, as well as implement various social justice initiatives. Under this non-profit, members of The NLR Experience also facilitate free music classes to youth in the community. Nique is also the co-founder of the organization, D.Cipher, a collective of musicians dedicated to supporting and advocating for the uplifting and sustainability of the Detroit music community and economy.  Nique Love Rhodes is very active in her community as she is a servant-leader in community engagement initiatives with Detroit based non profit, Life Remodeled.  She is also a youth mentor and was recognized in 2016 as “Mentor of the Year” by the State of Michigan.  Nique Love Rhodes is a graduate of Spring Arbor University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Ministry.