Rod Gaston Bartolini Emerging Artist Feature

Congrats to NLR's own Rod Gaston on being featured as a Bartolini Emerging Artist. Here is a statement made on Bartolini's official Facebook page. 

On this first day of summer, we welcome our newest Bartolini Emerging Artist - RoDerrick Gaston! Bartolini's Adam Saylor sent RoDerrick our way with the recommendation that RoDerrick would be a great addition to the Bartolini family and we have to agree! RoDerrick is very active in the Detroit music scene - he is with two bands, OneFreq and the NLR Experience, and with Impact Church. When he isn't busy performing, he can be found perfecting his Logic X skills, making cover videos and laying down tracks. He is always available to track remotely as well as travel and tour. He is schooled in a number of music genres - from Funk to Soul to Jazz to Gospel. His Bartolini's give him "Bottom for days!!! I love the fullness the Deep Tones (57CBJD1) give my Bassmods EF5 and I love with wide range of frequencies the mk1's give my Lakland 55-01." Welcome RoDerrick and thank you Adam!

Dominique Campbell